Tutorial: Zucchini Chironomid

The Zucchini Chironomid is an extremely popular pattern and is ranked among the top producing Chironomid pupa in the interior of BC and the North-West region in general. It's a stillwater slayer!

Depending on who you talk to, the ingredients for this pattern may differ. This fly was originally developed by the talented FlyGuys team (https://flyguys.net/fly-patterns/chironomids/zucchini-chironomid-fly) and has been adjusted by others in a few small ways to suit their needs. I'm happy to say that I stick to the tried and true original recipe that FlyGuys put together and results have been outstanding. Please be sure to check these guys out via the link above and follow them on Instagram if you are looking for some great content: 


Here's the list of groceries:

  • Hook: #16 Sierra 2302 1XH
  • Bead: 2.4mm (3/32") - white
  • Thread: UTC70 Black
  • Tinsel: UTC Holo Tinsel - Black (small)
  • Rib: UTC Red - Extra Small
  • Finish: Brush-on LOCTITE super glue

Step One: Load your bead on to your hook with the large countersunk portion facing forward. Doing it this way allows you to use the bead to build a cleaner Thorax and overall taper. 

Step Two: Add a few wraps of thread behind the bead and tie in your wire. Keeping the wire on the underside of the hook - work the thread back toward the bend of the hook until you're above the barb

Step Three: Work the thread back up about a beads' length, tie in the tinsel and use a few secure wraps back to lock it in

Step Four: Using your tying thread, build a taper toward the bead of the hook. Make sure to spin your thread every so often to keep it laying as flat as possible. Building a good taper takes practice so be sure to take your time and make every wrap count!

Step Five: Wrap your tinsel forward and lock it in with a few secure wraps. Try to keep your tinsel wraps as close together as possible.

Step Six: Create segmentation with your wire and secure it in with a few tight wraps. Aim for six or seven wraps of wire and keep them spaced as even as possible. Whip finish your thread a few times to complete the taper. Finish with a thin coat of LOCTITE and you're ready to hit the water!

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