Vampire Leech

Vampire Leech

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Invented by Todd Oishi, a multi-year BC Provincial Fly Fishing Champion, the Vampire Leech is a deadly combination of bright colors, UV materials and sleek design. 

Extremely versatile in both river and lakes, the VL is tied on a #5262 streamer hook, has a marabou tail with some added flash and boasts a signature bright lime green tungsten bead for added action in the water. 

As far as leeches go, this is a staple product. You need at least six of these in your fly box at all times. Seriously.

Lucky for you, these are sold as a half dozen only. Perf!

Approximate fly dimensions:

  • Length (eye to bend): 24mm
  • Hook Gap: 7mm
  • Tail Length: 20mm

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