Elk Hair CDC Caddis

Elk Hair CDC Caddis

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The Caddis dry fly is probably one of the most widely used dry flies in the fishing world. The pattern possibilities are endless and the constant success on the Caddis rank this fly among to top producers of all dry flies in most geographical areas and bodies of fresh water.

This Caddis pattern is tied on a Model100 dry hook and is put together using a dubbing that is designed to float longer than other dubbing varieties on the market. The added CDC feather under the Natural Elk Hair wing provides a touch of extra bugginess that the fish can't resist. Each fly is double glued to help it survive longer than your average Caddis fly. Unfortunately this fly doesn't come with tree protection. Sorry.

Fish this Caddis in the warmer months of the year when they begin to hatch out of the water. You'll know when they are hatching - believe me!

Sold as a half dozen only.

Approximate fly dimensions:

  • Length (eye to bend): 12mm
  • Hook Gap: 5mm
  • Tail Length: NA

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