Uncle's Favorite Ant

Uncle's Favorite Ant

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This tiny little Black Ant pattern bites harder than it barks - 

The appearance of the Black Ant in your backyard usually means only one thing - the season of using a dry fly has begun! Use these all season long but focus on the warmer Spring months once these terrestrial critters explode out of the ground and start taking over all of the local picnic baskets. The fish won't be able to resist these!

Tied on a Model 100 hook, 2mm black foam combined with a black hare's ear dubbing blend make up the bulk of this fly while multiple wraps of premium ginger hackle create an ultra-buggy wing and leg appearance.

Sold as a half dozen only.

Approximate fly dimensions:

  • Length (eye to bend): 5mm
  • Hook Gap: 4mm
  • Tail Length: NA 

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