Golden Stone

Golden Stone

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Ah yes. The Stonefly Nymph. A Nymph that's found in moving water almost everywhere you look and can be fished with all year long! Stonefly Nymphs can cruise the currents for up to two years before hatching into the majestic Stonefly. This gives you ample opportunities to bring Walter into the boat at the hands of this excellent pattern.

These Golden SFNs are tied on a #630T Nymph hook and are weighted with wire and tungsten to provide extremely positive results in the swiftest of water. A UV golden stone dubbing, golden goose biots and excellent rubber leg proportions (with a pop of color!) round out the amazing characteristics of this more-than-average SFN pattern.

Where the golden goose biots were found is just as much a secret as this fly will be when you're out catching your buddies and they want to know what's on your line!

Sold as a half dozen only.

Approximate fly dimensions:

  • Length (eye to bend): 20mm
  • Hook Gap: 6mm
  • Tail Length: NA

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