Latex Cased Caddis

Latex Cased Caddis

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Fishing the Caddis Fly at all stages of it's life cycle can yield some of the best results in fly fishing.

The Cased Caddis is an early stage of life for the eventual hatch into an adult in the warmer summer months. The larvae create an organic shell for protection as it prepares to emerge to the surface of the water. 

This patterns captures that early stage and is highlighted by a latex body which is  hand painted in natural tones, a dark tungsten bead and a UV Ice dubbing for added attractiveness.

These are tied on a 2457 hook and will be a welcomed addition to your Nymph box. It's never a bad idea to load up! 

Sold as a half dozen only.

Approximate fly dimensions:

  • Length (eye to bend): 10mm
  • Hook Gap: 5mm
  • Tail Length: NA

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