Hare's Ear Hot Spot

Hare's Ear Hot Spot

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Question: Is it a midge? Is it a Hare's Ear Nymph? Is it an Egg pattern?

Answer: all of the above.

Using a fly with a hot spot is a great way to spark some fishy interest on an otherwise slow day. That's a proven fact with most patterns on the market.

A simple Hare's Ear pattern was added to a #2457 midge hook and loaded up with a UV Ice dub hot spot that's larger in proportion than a hot spot should be. The end result? A pattern that uses it's tungsten bead to sink in calm water and act like a Nymph would...or float in swift water like an egg would. This is a super productive pattern with proven results.

Sold as a half dozen only.

Approximate fly dimensions:

  • Length (eye to bend): 9mm
  • Hook Gap: 4mm
  • Tail Length: NA

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