Saddle Bugger - UV Black

Saddle Bugger - UV Black

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No fly box is complete without a handful of different bugger patterns. Luckily - you've stumbled upon the mother of all buggers...The Saddle Bugger (I made this name up).

Seriously though, few patterns have given me as much success as this pattern. All year long, in almost any condition (even under ice), the Saddle Bugger has been a proven producer. These are tied on size 12 streamer hook and rock a tungsten bead for added weight. These don't need to be any bigger than this to be effective. When fished in still water under a strike indicator, these have the appearance of a juicy catatonic leech. When chucked into a river and retrieved at a steady pace, they appear to be a struggling minnow. Two birds with one stone? - enough said.

The UV bodies allow for the sunlight to play games with these in ways the fish will love as well!

Sold as a half dozen only and you'll be happy for this!

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